Poll: Enteries for deposits of cheques into the bank are made by the customer in the debit side of cash book
On thier clearing
At the time of reconciliation
after 7 days
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Bank Reconciliation Statement
Bank reconciliation chapter is very very important. you will find at least 4 to 5 questions based on bank reconciliation statement in exam.

so guys read this chapter thoroughly and clear your concept i m giving some sort introduction about this topic.

bank reconciliation statement is prepared by Businessman
a bank reconciliation statement is prepared, so that the difference in the under noted balance is reconciled the difference in the cash book and the pass book balances as on a date
cash book is maintained by traders and pass book is maintained by bank

if any one have more question and doubt please share in this module.
good job manish
Q. the credit balance of rs 1000 in the bank column of the cash book was carried forward as its debit balance. when overdraft as per pass book is the startng point

a. rs 1000 will be deducted
b. rs 1000 will be added
c. rs 2000 will be deducted
d. rs 2000 will be added
When there is positive balance , it appears as a debit balance in the cash book and a credit balance in the pass book

When there is an overdrawn balance, it appears as a debit balance in the pass book but as a credit balance in the cash book
answer is a

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