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For the purpose of monitoring, RBI calls for certain returns 8.‘ statements from ADs. Some important statements are:
 Return — Fortnightly data for the purpose of compiling litalanceof .payments/monitoring transactions.
Authorized Dealers should report all transactions. made by them through. their Nostro Accounts abroad and
Vostro Accounts maintained with them inappropriate R Return, i.e. R Return (NOSTRO) and R Return (VOSTRO)
respectively, as laid down in the Guide to Authorized
Dealers for compilation of R Returns twice a month, at the close of business on 15th and the last day of calendar
month so as to reach Reserve Bank within seven calendar days from –the close .of reporting period to which they

AD Category - I Banks have to submit Bank-wise R-Retumpow (from the first fortnight of January 2009)

BAL STATEMENT - Statement showing balances in Nostro, Vostro accounts

NRDCSR-Consolidated _data on Non-resident deposits

INTERNATIONAL BANKING STATISTICS (IBS)-Quarterly data on all International Assets &Liabilities
XOS-Half yearly statement of Overdue Export RBI is empowered under statute to control and regulate the Foreign
exchange transactions, Forex reserves and policies related to inflows & outflows of Foreign exchange in the
country. It maintains the external value of the rupee both through policy measures and active intervention in the
markets when felt necessary. All transactions of Foreign exchange are governed by FEMA 1999', As per Se.c11
(1) of FEMA 1999, RE empowered to give directions in regard to Foreign Exchange transactions. Under Sec 11(3)
of FEMA 1999, RBI may after giving reasonable opportunities for hearing, impose on the authorized person, a
penalty which may extend to Rs.10,000/- (Rs. Ten thousand) for contravention of any direction given under FEMA
or failure to file any return under this act. In case of continuing contravention, an additional penalty which may
extend up to Rs.2,000/- per day for which such contravention continues may be imposed.
bills of US$ 25,000 and above

BEF-Half yearly Statement showing details of Import transactions where remittances have been effected but
evidence of Import not received (USD 100,000 & above).

FEMIS: Daily data on Forex dealing room operations

EBW: Half yearly statement showing Export Bills Written off (30 June & 31 December)

STAT-5: Statement of FCNR deposits (total inflow, outflow and outstanding under FCNR accounts)

STAT-8: Statement showing inflow/outflow of deposits under non-resident (external) rupee (NRE) accounts
scheme and NRO accounts scheme for the specified month

LRS- Liberalized Remittance Scheme of USD 2,50,000 for resident individuals: Monthly

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