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Paid up capital in banks
For foreign bank in india they has to deposit and keep deposit with RBI an amount of rs. 15 lakh and if it has a place of business in mumbai or kolkata or both it is 20 lakh. the amount has to be kept in cash only.

For indian banks

if it has place of business in more than one state rs. 5 lakh and if such places of business include mumbai kolkata or both it is rs 10 lakh

if the place of business is only one state and does not include mumbai or kolkata , rs 1 lakh for its principal place of business plus rs 10,000 for other place of business .

if the bank has only one place of businees the amount is limited to 50,000

for banking companies commencing business after the commencement of the act, paid up capital is stipulated as rs 5 lakh

if place of business are in one state only , but one or more of them is in mumbai or kolakta, rs 5 lakh , plus rs 25000 for each place of business outside these cities and the aggregate not exceeding rs 10 lakh

during 2005 RBI stipulated the minimum capital requirement for a new private bank at rs 300 crore as a part of corporate governance guidelines and as a policy of foreign direct investment FDI
good aprana these really main points. exam me aata hia question
yes vishal i jus doing my concept clear, if i post here it would be in my mind and i can see online every where. so post here according to module that would be helpful for others also

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