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contract of bailment
a bailment is the delivery of goods by one person to another for some purpose. when the purpose is accomplished , the goods are to be returned or otherwise disposed of according to the direction of the person delivering them.

the person delivering the goods is called the ' bailor'
the person to whom they are delivered is called the ' bailee'

when one person delivers to another , certain goods to be used for a certain purpose , the contract is know as contract of bailment.

rights of baliee with regard to goods
1. the bailor is responsible to the bailee for any loss which the bailee may sustain because of the reason that the bailor was not
entitled to make the bailment or to receive back the goods.
2. if the bailor has no title to goods and the bailee, in good faith delivers them to the bailor or according the direction of the bailor, the bailee is not responsible to the owner in respect of such delivery

3. if the goods are to be kept or to be carried , or to have work done upon them by the bailee for the bailor, and the bailee is to receive no remuneration , the bailor shall repay to the bailee the necessary expenses incurred by him for the purpose of the bailment.

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