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Priority Sector Advance
Categories of priority sector

1. Agriculture (Direct and Indirect finance ): direct finance to agriculture would include short ,medium and long term loans given for agriculture and allied activities
indirect finance to agriculture shall include loans given for agriculture and allied activities to those engaged in distribution of inputs like fertilizers ,pesticides , seeds, cattle , and poultry feeds etc.

2. small enterprises ( direct and indirect finance ) : direct finance to small enterprises includes all loans given to micro and small enterprises engaged in the manufacturing /production.
micro and small (service) enterprises shall include small road and water transport operators

3. retail trade includes traders/private retail trading dealing in essential commodities and co operative stores.

4. micro credit: provision of credit and other financial services and product of very small amounts not exceeding rs 50,000 per borrower, either directly or indirectly through a SHG/JLG mechanism or to NBFC/MFI for on lending up to rs 50,000 per borrower

5. education loan : education loans includes loans and advance granted to only individual for educational purpose up 10 lakh in india and rs 20 lakh for studies abroad and do not include those granted to institution.

6. housing loans: loans up to 20 lakh to individual for purchase/construction of a dwelling unit per family and loans given of for repairs to the damaged dwelling units of families up to rs 1 lakh in rural and semi urban areas and up to rs 2 lakh in urban and metropolitan areas.

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