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Lok Adalats organised under the legal service authorities act 1987 for compromise or settlement of disputes between parties .

The functioning of Lok Adalats their jurisdiction , the manner in which Lok Adalats take cognisance of cases, the types of disposal of the cases or matters referred to the Lok Adalats and the nature of award that may be passed by the Lok Adalats

Lok Adalats are organised by the state authority , district authority or the supreme court legal services committee or high court legal services committee or taluk legal services committee at such intervals and place for exercising jurisdiction and for such areas as it thinks fit.

The dispute should be either a pending case before any court for which the Lok Adalats is organised or a matter which is falling withing the jurisdiction but not pending in any court.
The monetary ceiling of amounts regarding which civil disputes can be settled under this mechanism is presently rs 20 lakh.

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